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Quotes About Sex That Will Get You Wet

Ever got turned on by reading a book? A little D.H. Lawrence’s Lady Chatterlay’s Lover or a little Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov? Or basking under the implications of the tenderness that involves tearing into the flesh of a lover which

7 Signs That Hint Towards You Falling Out Of Love

Falling in love is wonderful, but it doesn’t remain the same always. Sometimes this beautiful thing itself tires you and makes you like you’re in nothing but a routine job. All couples fight but is that rough patch just a

7 Sex Injuries That Everyone Needs To Know About

Everything good in life has an annoying side to it. Even sex! It’s wonderful, but it can also be painful. At times, it can also get excruciating and humiliating and put you in the hospital. Doesn’t mean you need to

8 Golden Rules Of Giving A Blowjob

Irrespective of whether you’re at the receiving end or the giving end, it’s fun, exhilarating, freeing and incredibly hot. All of you who received one already know the thrill of getting a blowjob. On the other hand, you feel an

In Love With The Same Guy As Your Best Friend?

Cupid strikes a bow and it’s done, we are in love. Our whole body reacts with a ripple effect, left helpless, aren’t we? There is not much one can do when our heart decides to take a chance.  From the

Why Do We Cheat? Is There ‘Really’ An Answer?

We’ve loved hard, given to a relationship more than we could, until we succumbed to silence. Giving still, but breathing, in an air of something toxic. It’s getting hard for you to survive. Exhausted, one day, we take a leap.

The 5 Kinds of Love Everyone Has In A Lifetime

In a lifetime, we go through similar variations of every feeling, over time. Sometimes feelings evolve, other times they completely dissipate. Love is such a feeling. We go through so many variations of love in our life that sometimes we