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5 Signs You Are In A One-Sided Relationship

If you’re on the mission to determine whether you are wrapped up in a one sided relationship, chances are you are. A one sided relationship is much like a state of imbalance. If you’re wondering how, ask yourself, ‘Is the

8 Surprising Things No One’s Ever Told You About Sex

Let’s face it; no one prepares you for sex. Except movies; but even they teach only how graceful and passionate having sex is and how everyone orgasms in unison. Sometime that is unarguably the case but mostly it’s not. Here

This Is How Social Media Is Hurting Your Relationship

You know what has gotten super annoying? The existence of the word ‘aesthetic’. A word that was usually preceding the word pleasing is now something we casually drop into a sentence making people spiral out of sanity questioning everything they

10 Movies To Never, Ever, EVER Watch With Your Partner

There are some movies you watch with a lover, like the ones that are ooey-gooey or that are straight up scary so their presence can reassure you that when the fantasy diminishes, what is left is the familiarity of reality.

Facebook Dating App: A Boon Or A Bane?

Dating is no less complicated than it was in the past; all that has changed is the frequency at which the complication occurs. And of course if another thing has changed drastically, that’s how people meet nowadays. Couples hardly meet