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6 Most Common Reasons Of Vaginal Itching

Itching in itself is already very irritating, and out of all the places, your vaginal probably ranks as the absolute worst. We mean, it’s not exactly easy to scratch down there. But what’s even more frustrating than doing the crotch-itch

online dating apps

6 Things To Know Before Joining A Dating App

So you are a millennial, living in the new age of indulgent relationships with so much abandon. Meet-cutes are no longer a thing, it is all about that swipe left – swipe right business. While there is no obvious detriment

5 Signs You Are In A One-Sided Relationship

If you’re on the mission to determine whether you are wrapped up in a one sided relationship, chances are you are. A one sided relationship is much like a state of imbalance. If you’re wondering how, ask yourself, ‘Is the