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Are Millennials Letting Politics Dictate Their Dating Lives?

This summer of 2019, the world’s largest democracy goes to polls to elect India’s Prime Minister for the next 5 years. Voting has kicked off in the world’s largest elections, with almost 900 billion eligible voters across the country!  India’s

6 Gross Things Couples Do While Having Sex

Behind closed doors, there are things- gross habits you and your partner romantically indulge in. You love doing that and get utmost pleasure out of it. And you’re not alone. Every couple in love is up to something disgusting in

5 Compromises A Woman Should Never Make In A Relationship

“Love is an action, never simply a feeling.”- Bell Hooks When you fall in love, you are overwhelmed by the sudden metaphysical changes we experience. You are giddy, you are nauseous, you are happy, you are sad, you are daydreaming,

How Do You Know You’re Ready To Have A Baby?

You spend every day thinking ‘you’re really ready’. You want this. You want to have a baby. But are you ‘really’? Is your significant other? Did you even talk about it? You might often catch yourself day dreaming, planning to

5 White Lies That Actually Save Your Relationship

White lies are inherently an interesting concept. They are, on the face of it, an aberration but ultimately offer the greater good. They are literally the older cousin of ‘ignorance is bliss’; however the line between white lies and hard