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5 Proposal Ideas That Guarantee An ‘I Do’

You’ve finally found your better half, first of all congratulations on that. You’ve decided to spend rest of your life with them. Now, it’s time to move things further and step up the game. You approach her/him; go on your

8 Ways To Get Over That Painful Break Up

There’s no beating around the bush- breaking up… straight up blows. Even if you were not head over heels in love, splitting with someone you’ve spent a significant amount of time with is painful, twisted and confusing. It’s hard to

Arranged To Be Married? Read This Before Your Suhaag Raat

Expectations running at an all time high, an experience is finally about to unfold. You’re curious even furious, ‘How is this going to turn out?’. You’re anxious, but you shouldn’t be. How else do you plan on enjoying one of

6 Glaring Signs Your BF Is Toxic AF

Love is liberating, love is empowering, love is sensible, love is empathetic, love is sensitive, love is a discourse. We often, as people who are riddled with anxieties and insecurities, look at love comes as a saviour – until it

11 Things You Should Never Ever Say To A Single Girl

We have been or is still the single girl. And we love every bit of it. But with singledom, we have all also endured the drill of digs rolled out by family and friends. As a lot of empathisers identify

6 Things Only Arranged Marriage Couples Will Get

You met, you got married and now, are waiting to fall in love. We know for a fact, there is not one kind of love story. You’re probably more in love than you have ever been and such sneering at

Valentine’s Day Checklist For Your First Date

Well, firstly congratulate yourself because you have successfully navigated the very very tricky part of the initiation to a first date on Valentine’s Day. It isn’t something that everyone does. For that matter most people shudder at the thought of