5 Proposal Ideas That Guarantee An ‘I Do’

You’ve finally found your better half, first of all congratulations on that. You’ve decided to spend rest of your life with them. Now, it’s time to move things further and step up the game. You approach her/him; go on your knees to ask that BIG QUESTION and they say “YES, I DO”. Everything seems so magical at that point, just like fairy tale! Isn’t it? OK! Snap out, to make that turn into reality… you need to read further.

1) Night full of wine, dine and laughter

Plan a romantic candle light dinner. Decorate the place with the roses. Gift a bouquet of her favourite flowers, her favourite chocolates and order her favourite wine. Make her night special. Look for the right moment and go down on your knee to ask that Big Question. Though this is old school, do not underestimate the power of this romantic idea.

2) Beach side

If your partner is a lover of sea or ocean, then taking her to a beach is the agreeable idea. Ask her “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” by writing it on the sand while she enjoys the sound of the waves. That’ll be emotional and surprising moment.

3) Take help from your pet

If your better half is a pet lover, then hands down this is the cutest proposal idea. Make a pet wear a neck band with a pendant on which you can write the question to start your “forever together”.

4) Something extremely romantic

If you are affluent enough and ready to loosen up your deep pocket for your partner, then you can arrange a jet and write your proposal in the sky. Let everyone see it. Pull of that perfect moment and cherish it forever.

5) Under a starry night

Create that unforgettable moment filled with fairy tale. Go down on your knee and ask her to live happily ever after with you under a starry night. Tell her how much you love her and put a ring on her finger. Her eyes will be filled with happy tears. 

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