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All The Reasons Why Using A Condom Is Never The Wrong Idea

Easy to get and easy to use, there’s no reason to not use one. They’re your best defence against STDs and HIV, and they’re also 99% effective at keeping at bay the other elephant in the room- pregnancy (if used correctly). But we won’t belabour these points because you’re smart enough to know this.

In the interest of expanding your sexual world view about the advantages of using a condom, here are 5 reasons to use one.

#1 Prevents STDs

Chlamydia? Syphilis? HPV? You will obviously want to protect yourself from any sexually transmitted disease. And a lot of people with STD are not even aware that they have one. So why not just use a condom and keep the unnecessary trouble away.

#2 Prevent unwanted pregnancies

You don’t want a bun in your oven right away! Condoms may not be 100% effective but using one always minimizes your chances of unwanted pregnancies. In case you’re looking for something fully efficient, you’ll find none because no method of contraception promises you that unless you choose to remain abstinent.

#3 Condoms are cool

They come in all shapes, sizes and colour. Nowadays condoms also have different lubrications that enhance sensation. Pick your go-to brand and order in bulk for convenience.

#4 Less stress

Condoms provide a sense of security knowing that you’re reducing your chances of STDs and pregnancy. But don’t assume that’ll work with full efficiency. You and your partner still have the responsibility of getting tested routinely.

#5 Shows maturity

Using a condom shows maturity on your part. Taking care of your sexual health speaks volumes, and you’re seen as responsible.

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