5 Signs You Are In A One-Sided Relationship

If you’re on the mission to determine whether you are wrapped up in a one sided relationship, chances are you are. A one sided relationship is much like a state of imbalance. If you’re wondering how, ask yourself, ‘Is the whole relationship weighted to what one person wants?’. If you consistently find yourself investing more than what is recouped, you are, indeed, in a one sided relationship.

With that being said, how can you really tell whether they’re not giving you what you deserve? Here’s a check-list.

Sign #1

You are making all the moves, making plans or simply making conversations, you seem to be doing it all off late.

Sign #2

You are always feeling guilty about something. If you find yourself apologising for things you should not be sorry for and they are always guilt-tripping you, the reason could be the fact that your partner is not just into you, anymore.

Sign #4

You are always covering for them. If you continuously feel the need to justify their behaviour to yourself and to your loved ones, there’s a major problem and you need to do something about your situation.

Sign #5

You are always the only one caring. If you’re always stressing about what’s going on in your relationship and they are ignoring all the voices you’re raising, and if you feel they don’t care about you, chances are – They don’t.