11 Things You Should Never Ever Say To A Single Girl

We have been or is still the single girl. And we love every bit of it. But with singledom, we have all also endured the drill of digs rolled out by family and friends. As a lot of empathisers identify the ‘single’ genre of people as tragic and offer their unsolicited advice to help save them from their allegedly dire circumstances.

But here’s an advice- next time you meet someone who falls into category, you simply zip your lip. Because all the single ladies out there won’t take it anymore. And if you’re single, you must have bumped upon these words a zillion times over.

#1 There’s plenty more fish in the sea

im fine mob wives GIF by VH1

Do we even want another fish? Wait. We’re not even a fish! So where’s the confusion?

#2 Have you tried online dating?

late show wtf GIF by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Is that even a thing? Never heard of it!

#3 You’re too picky

gilda radner no GIF by Saturday Night Live

If being picky means grabbing a bite with every guy in a 10 km radius, then hell yeah. We are!

#4 Are you seeing anyone?

Carol Anne Freeling hello GIF

Do you see someone with me????

#5 Being single must suck

Actually nope! Especially when you can spend every Friday with your buddies and have the freedom to develop crushes anytime, anywhere. As we please.

#6 It’ll happen when you least expect it

So did my last break-up!

#7 Going on a date?

Can we please dress up for ourselves and not others? We mean what’s wrong???

#8 You have full freedom to do whatever you want

Excuse Me? Pretty sure we were ‘allowed’ to do that while being with my last boyfriend.

#9 Bet Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ is your fav song

revel single ladies GIF

Singledom’s not a epidemic you know. So choices differ. THANKS!

#10 Your ‘me time’ makes me jealous

Your ‘sex time’ makes ME jealous.

#11 I’ve just the friend for you

Michelle Obama GIF

Actually trusting you to set me up with yet another of your boyfriend’s ridiculous mates doesn’t sound too happy. So thank you, but no!



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