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10 Kinkiest Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life

Alrighty, folks. Time to drop some much-needed truth. As much as we might not want to admit it, we all get into a ‘sex rut’ every now and then. Maybe we’re busy AF and exhausted- because, hello, living life is exhausting. Or maybe we’ve been with the same partner for a long time, and we’ve kind of lost that spark and excitement we used to have when we were younger. Whatever the reason, we need to take all these things into consideration. So, if you’re looking for some unique ways to spice up your sex life, here are some kinky ideas.

1. Try Sexting

Sexting is for people who get turned on seeing each other’s erotic photos. Arouse each other over the phone! But be safe! And never, ever send unsolicited dick pics!!

2. Tie Each Other Up

Bondage is another way of giving your partner that adrenaline rush. When one partner gets tied up, the other one gets  the freedom to do whatever they feel like! Just be careful and not tie those knots too tight.

3. Watch Porn together

Porn is not just meant for self-pleasure! Watching porn with your lover can help get you both into the mood. It can also give you tons of erotic ideas.

4. Perform sex in front of Mirror

Looking at yourself in the mirror can be a huge turn-on for both parties. That’s why so many honeymoon suites have mirrors on the ceilings and walls. This experiment always works!

5. Get some chocolates

Ever wanted to lick his abs? Well, spill some chocolate on it and go crazy! He won’t be complaining about the mess.

6. Let him watch you touching yourself

This is the ultimate turn on for any guy! Guys love it when girls play with themselves. Since men are always so curious about the female orgasm and are confused about their spots, watching you will give him a lot of insight.

7. Use toys

Say hello to some sexy toys! Don’t be scared, you can begin experimenting nice and slow with something like a vibrator. Things will definitely get kinkier once you start playing with sex toys.

8. Drunk Sex


Get drunk and then do the act. It will give you another high! Try it, you won’t be disappointed.

9. Spank her

A little spanking before or during the act can give you and your partner that much-needed adrenaline rush! So don’t shy away from this one. Spank away!

10. Blindfold

An eye mask is the best way to cut out the sense of sight while getting passionate. It sure will help you feel things better!

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