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Blurred Lines: 5 Ways To Know You’re Ready To Have Sex

Whether it’s with a new partner, or for the first time ever – when’s the right time to ‘go all the way’ is a question that must not be silenced when it crosses the mind. Here are 5 ways to find out if you’re actually ready for ‘action’.

1. You’re Doing it Because YOU Want to do it

Not because your partner wants it, or because your friends have done it, or because ‘it’ is supposed to be done. Your body is your space, and sex is a big deal, so do it when you’re only a 100% sure you want it.

2. You’re Aware that Love & Sex are Two Different Things

Love is love. Sex is sex. You may have sex if you’re in love; but having sex doesn’t guarantee love. Friends with Benefits might have been a fun film to watch, but what Jamie and Dylon shared were not ideal friendship goals. Basically, clarity in expectations will only help you maintain your sanity.

3. Your Partner Makes You Comfortable

Because how do you get naked in front of someone who body shames you, right? Your partner must make you feel sexy and wanted in order to participate in your sexual pleasures. So that once the act is over – you’re gleaming with confidence!

4. You’re Capable of Taking Responsibility For Your Actions

If you follow point one, then you’re half way there already. Pregnancy and STDs are only a part of the consequences, that can be taken care of with protection. What you need to also look at are the mental and emotional repercussions. Doing it for yourself frees you from any sentimental regret you may have, if the sexual partnership does not work out for the best. You will know that you at least had a good time!

5. You’ve Had the ‘Talk’ With Your Partner

While an element of surprise, and’going with the flow’ etc may sound exciting; it is recommended you talk about your intentions of making love at least before you’re with someone for the first time. That way, you’d know you’re on the same page as them, and it’ll also give you time to quickly run through this checklist – making sure you’re ready for it!

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