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The Ultimate Guide To Oral Sex: How To Do, What All To Do

Sex. Beautiful, blissful and can turn into a bummer as quickly as a man can reach orgasmic elation. Jokes apart, it is far more easier for men than it is for women. The most important sexual statistic to remember, no matter how long it lasts – only one-quarter of women reliably experience orgasm during intercourse. Where are we going with this comprehensive analysis? Read through. 

We are not mocking intercourse. It’s essential to reproduction. It’s essential in making lovers feel deeply connected with each other. But women need direct clitoral stimulation to experience climax and intercourse simply doesn’t give enough of it – which is why, oral sex is a perfect erotic alternative to add to your life. Another important sexual statistic? When it comes to receiving oral sex, men and women don’t significantly differ in ratings of pleasure.

Cunnilingus. Even the word itself seems more complicated than it has to be and to learn the art of mindful oral sex is not so difficult. Keep reading.

Masturbation can help you figure out what you appreciate. It’s also good to keep in mind the fact that while your ex might have loved your go-to oral sex move another woman might absolutely hate it. No two people are alike which is why you have to be flexible.Watch her please herself? You will learn how she likes to be stimulated.

Switch things in the  beginning and then pick a pace. Start slow but always finish strong. Be very rhythmic with your pace. Arousal is a process that takes its time, you can’t start rough – what might be uncomfortable for you in the beginning might be the most pleasurable towards the end. Consider arousal as a necessary warm up before sexual play. If you’re using hands, pick a pace. Throw in the pace, that killer hand synchronization, get a rhythm going. For both of you. Hands allow for a variety of techniques and motions that will help you achieve that ‘O’ face. It is never a bad idea to use your mouth and hands together. Most women don’t realize their hands can deliver the pressure and pleasure guys love oh so much.

Too much saliva is okay. A wet sloppy-toppy is good. There is also a wide range of lubes that one can use (make sure the one you pick is ‘edible’) to increase wetness when giving oral sex. Teeth are bad. Gagging is okay too, just don’t cough. 

Always Listen. Giving oral is all about the person on the receiving end. Before misquoting us know that we mean you need to talk through the act. Have an open conversation about what you like, what you don’t, how it’s going and how you want it to go thereon. Play dominant or submissive. Restrain him, push him down or just let him be the one in control, same goes for her.

EYE CONTACT IS A MUST! Eye contact is the ultimate foreplay. That sexy eye contact is a powerful yet underrated way to a woman’s heart. A fixed gaze is the fastest, easiest way to build explosive sexual tension.

The Classic Oral Sex Position For Both Of You – lie back, relax and receive pleasure. This position is great for the giver as well because it allows the giver to control the depth and speed of penetration. For guys, they get to enjoy the ‘fellatio pleasure’!

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