This Indian -Pakistani Lesbian Couple Proves That Love Always Wins

Love is definitely the best emotion we can ever posses, it unites people, it unites nations, it unites religion and this couple has proved it once again that love knows no boundaries. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Bianca Maieli and Saima Ahmad, from India and Pakistan respectively, tied knot and went ahead for the legal marriage and they are being adored by all of us.

The couple met each other in the US and eventually fell in love with each other,they had the best wedding one could ever think of. Bianca was the perfect Indian bride,she went for the lovely ivory sari with maang teeka, golden bangles and pearl kadaas, Saima complemented her wearing a Sherwani and both looked breathtaking for their grand event. This wedding, for sure, looked like a match made in heaven and why not, after all where there’s love, there’s an eternal bonding.