Cheesy, Jealous, Greedy? Find Out What Kind Of Lover You Are

Are you demanding on bed or the shy kind? Does your heart flutter every time you read a dreamy novel? Or you’re that breed of lovers who believe you can maintain the perfect balance between being mushy and realistic. And yes, there’s also the type who thinks romance is over-rated. Knowing your type is no cakewalk. We mean, the signs are always there but isn’t the haze of love just too overwhelming?

In case you’re still wondering over your kind, here’s a guide to find the type you’re. You must have encountered a few of them, if not you’ll. Soon!

The Gold-digger

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Get, take or gain – their life revolves around these. They consider relationships to be their job opportunity and their better halves are nothing short of a source of income for them. Doesn’t it sound like predators looking for their next prey? And poor you! You’re dealing with another unnecessary bill.

Mr/Miss OTT

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Here’s a shout out to all the girlfriends and the boyfriends who go far out of the way to please their partner. Call it unconditional love or pleasing love, but they just want their partner to be satisfied. Pleasing is their ultimate pleasure, even if it means giving up something they love. We feel their efforts, but they need to understand none likes all their demands to be fulfilled every time.

The Casanova 

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Remember the guy or gal who finds a new love every month? Even a month sounds long for this kind. Because they get real bored very very easily and they constantly need someone new. They are over the moon the first few days of the relationship but just like infatuation, their interest too evaporates after a while. We would say this kind is more interested in impressing someone rather than being with someone.

The Rock

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Oh, this one’s right out of a fairytale. The loyal lover sticks to you through thick and thin. Morality is the pillar they hug onto and cheating on their better half is a nightmare. You’re lucky if you have one and you’re luckier if you’re one yourself.

The Wishy-washy

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An argument? You win. Food? Your choice. Movies? You decide. All these actually happen when one of the two gives in easily every single time. He/She doesn’t mind giving in a thing for the happiness of the relationship. However, isn’t it also a bit annoying to get everything done in one person’s favour?

The Jealous Partner

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They have a hard time trusting you. Call it the phone checking girlfriend or the boyfriend who accompanies you everywhere. They feel threatened by everything and they doubt their partners constantly. What’s worse? He/She would sneakily try to snoop around in the hope of catching their better halves red-handed.

The Overly Sexual 

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These ones make sure passion never sizzles out of their relationship. They love making love and having a good time in bed. He/She really really adores and loves their better halves and they believe in proving it with their actions.

The Romantic 

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You can actually imagine waking up to a room full of roses when he/she is around. They woo you and impress you with romantic gestures all the time. Mushy pet names, candle light dinners, red roses, social media PDA- they do it all.

The Bodyguard 

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This kind means well for sure, but it doesn’t stop them from being annoying. Yes, we are talking about the boyfriend who’ll walk you to your destination even when it’s just five minutes away or the overprotective girlfriend who acts like your mum. These personal bodyguards can be passed as endearing, but mostly annoying.


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