5 Signs Your Lover Isn’t Satisfied In Bed And How To Fix It

Her knowing that she’s prioritized and taken care of by that one, the only man her heart desires will make the sex more fulfilling. Don’t roll over and sleep soon after lovemaking. Remember her erogenous zones. Your woman isn’t complex, you just aren’t paying enough attention… Want to make her want more of you? Read through!

Sign #1 – She finds excuses to avoid sex

Do this – Communicate your feelings. Before she breaks down, you bring it up. Also, one should totally avoid playing the ‘blame game’; history stands proof no one has ever benefited of it. Ask her what feels wrong and what would feel right. Nothing, I repeat, nothing is as sexy as sex between people who can communicate their needs.

Sign #2 – She rushes through sex and stops initiating it

 Do this – There’s quickie and then there’s rushing through the act, the kind of sex you just want to get over with. If this is the case, if sex is just a joyless chore for her, you need to take charge. Reignite the flames, boy! Build that intense emotional attraction. Remind her of those days when your sexy time was hot and heavy while you also remind yourself why that was so.

Sign #3 – She is now more critical of you 

Do this – Remember this too, real satisfaction comes from feeling respected, physically and mentally both. Give her your time and her space, not just gifts and sweet gestures, give her the pleasure too! Engage in long periods of foreplay, learn a few new tricks. Sex isn’t just about two bodies touching each other, it is about two hearts who crave a connection so deep you bracket on a spiritual level.

Sign #4 – She’s working more than usual

Experts suggest women do that when they are trying to disconnect from you.

Sign #5 – She doesn’t want to talk about sex. Period.

Do this – Has she simply refused to engage in the conversation? Have you tried being the ‘nice guy’ and  still nothing worked out between the two of you? Your new plan of action should be this – 1) calm that rage. It might not be about you not giving her enough romance. Loss of attraction could be the cause and so another way to reignite the passion in your relationship – Mirror her. (Be careful with this one tho) Introduce a little uncertainty, bring some space back kyunki dooriyan bhi hain zaroori! Sexual tension = Sexual desire, which is why distance will work.



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