Valentine’s Day Checklist For Your First Date

Well, firstly congratulate yourself because you have successfully navigated the very very tricky part of the initiation to a first date on Valentine’s Day. It isn’t something that everyone does. For that matter most people shudder at the thought of this very thing. However it only is that dramatic and intense in your head. A first date on Valentine’s Day can be just another first date but on a conveniently romantic date. You ask how that is possible. Well, we tell you!

1. Do NOT Overwhelm

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Most importantly don’t let your mind and your heart and your friends trick you into believing that this is larger than life. Don’t go into a tizzy of disjointed thoughts and worried nerves just because of the date, and the date it falls on. Be methodical in your approach, and look at this as just a first date. No more thoughts required, no lesser.

2. Be Sensible

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In matter of the venue, the experience, the clothes, the gift, the conversation. Be sensible about this date and not cloud the whole day with over the top expectations. Like we have established, it a first date, aside from being yourself there is very little you need to worry about.

3. Gift or No Gift

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This is a genuine problem, and we feel you on the precariousness of it all. Ideally Valentine’s Day beget the existence of a present. But considering we are treating this first date as one regardless of the day behind it, the only best way to deal is by getting flowers. Not roses, definitely not roses. Or carnations even. Buy a bunch of lilies, or tulips, or orchids, in a white or light colour so that the gift can act as a twofer. Both for the date and a subtle nod to the day as well!

4. Avoid The Elephant In The Room

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Which is Valentine’s Day. Especially if this means discussing your past experiences or your past dates. Sure the couples around you may make it a tad difficult for you to completely avoid the subject but don’t offer it up on the platter either!

5. Think A Tad Out of the Box

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Speaking of those other couples, you know what will be a truly nice date? Something out of the box, but still tepid. Like a picnic, or a coffee run in the evening, or something that spells out romance but doesn’t do the usual dinner scene. It is unorthodox only in its implementation; because in its concept, it is actually very sweet!

6. Don’t Do Anything That Isn’t Your Natural Self

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Remember your first date, Valentine’s Day or not, if successful can lead to a blossoming relationship and you wouldn’t want that to be in jeopardy because you did something over the top, or uncharacteristic on the date. Be your true self, because if you want to date this person for a long time, you may not want to set an expectation you can’t fulfill!


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