We All Know About Catfishing, But What In The World Is Cockfishing?!

When we thought catfishing was the worst, ghosting came along. And now, beating even that is cockfishing. 

Much like catfishing, cockfishing has a lot to do with the authenticity of your online lover’s identity. However, only a man, or someone with a penis can ever ‘cockfish’ you.

We say identity because men and women both often like to acknowledge that ‘size does matter’. It’s this personal health question that most men want answered – ‘How big is my penis?’ Put down the ruler, guys.

We thought dating is hard, it is digital dating that is the roughest. Amongst the newest fads is this oddball behaviour – Sure, a few filters here and there are fine, but making your penis appear as though it is much larger than it actually is, is just bizarre. Keep an eye out, ladies. Much like a Photoshop fail, you would know when you see it.

Being a millennial women can at times be extremely challenging, and they would agree that at some point in their lives, they have received an unsolicited penis pic. While we can only wish that same accountability applies to digital interactions as crimes in real life, all I would like to say, is that we deserve the choice of who we would like to see naked just like we should have the choice of who sees us naked. That’s basic, right? It’s not fun to be honoured with a stranger’s private parts.