Who Is More Romantic? Men Or Women?

It’s the month of love! As ineffable as love itself – romance, the essence of Valentine’s Day – continues to baffle both men and women. In the battle of the sexes, where love is the prize – romance dictates the battle strategies. And due to all the gender stereotypes that we long have been fed, we all believe women are the romance champions. She makes all the effort to go that extra mile to make V-Day really special! Men, on the other hand, don’t seem to care a bit about Valentine’s Day.  

However, things took quite an unexpected turn when international dating service OkCupid decided to dig deep into the buzz of Valentine’s Day. In an effort to match people based on the kind of romance they’re looking for, the makers reviewed the answers to some of the most popular questions on the app. But what they rather discovered is something that’ll leave you flabbergasted. Any guesses?

Well, the reviewed answers were kind of a revelation about men. Men welcome the idea of romance more than women. 65% men are more likely to plan a first date on V-Day, compared to 50% women. Yes, that’s right! They believe Valentine’s Day to be a day of love rather than it being too cliché. Wait, it’s not just about a first date! Men also embrace the fact that they’re romantic as a staggering 77% males believe they are the most romantic person they know.

While we all feel mushy this month, these responses clearly crush the stereotype and prove that women today are far more pragmatic and definitely not OTT about Valentine’s Day. On the other hand, 53% men as opposed to 47% women would love to plan a romantic getaway with their significant other around V-Day.

Further, would have you ever imagined that Paris would lose the battle of love to wilderness? Yes, that right! 70% men and 55% women want to romance in the woods rather than snuggle in Paris. And just when we were digesting the idea about men being more romantic, the app’s data further states that 93% men believe long walks on the beach are ‘so romantic’ as compared to 91% of women. Whoa!

Cheers to these men for breaking away from the stigma while celebrating love and embracing romance!

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