Why Do We Cheat? Is There ‘Really’ An Answer?

We’ve loved hard, given to a relationship more than we could, until we succumbed to silence. Giving still, but breathing, in an air of something toxic. It’s getting hard for you to survive. Exhausted, one day, we take a leap. In the moment just, we kissed someone. And we felt free.

Sometimes, when one is unable to confide in the person they love, we are only human, we are compelled to find that ‘space’… For example, where ‘best friends’ end up taking the blame, is for one reason the case because – best friends usually fall as the comfort zone, for anyone. While many have ended up cheating with their best friends, this might not always be the case.

It all comes down to either thinking your partner isn’t giving you what you need, or feeling the need for more independence. Also, loneliness is crippling. Stress abuilding, an unbearable feeling of fear starts to creep in when we don’t have that ‘someone’.

We crave something ‘new’. The feeling of ‘newness’ can drive a relationship anywhere. From trying new things together to cheating on each other, our thirst can be quenched however, only for a bit, though. It’s a cycle. The want for something ‘new’ can switch on whenever. In today’s age, you can’t curb such feelings. We are easily bored, we grew up like that. Too bored to try sometimes that we let the wind carry us wherever it wants to go, till someone opens the door to so much more.

We might have done things in the heat of the moment. We do that all the time. From instant plans to uncanny affairs of the heart, we let the heat of the moment drive us. The ‘feel good’ air often makes us do things we never thought we would. Who does not want the best of everything? Or best of both worlds in the case of cheating as held?!

Cheating allows us to escape. You’ll see in yourself a pattern of conflict-avoidance, so much so that you’d  rather not communicate. You know it only goes south when you get things out of your chest, so much so that you’d rather, just, keep them in your head. You’ve given a relationship all that you could and more, but it’s only going sour. You’re trying to let go, and somewhere you already have. So, you escape into a fantasy world where everything is real!

We are more likely to cheat if we hold onto unresolved resentment.

To some of us ‘cheating’ in itself might also feel like a need. You’re done feeling unwanted, even undesired, your self-esteem is at an all time low – so, you cheat. Blame it on our generation if you want to, we can’t take rejection and not just that… With cheating comes an ego boost, the act tanks up our confidence. Putting ourselves out there again, having someone to make us feel special –  we thrive on validation, and the human soul is hungry.

Sometimes, being committed starts to feel like we closed too many doors…

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