Why You Should Date As Many People As You Can In Your Early 20s

Disclaimer: Neither do we endorse infidelity, nor do we encourage any compromise on consent. 

Dating is a tricky game, sometimes trickier than even love. Love is stable and comforting, but dating sends you in a tizzy. Love has no games, no manipulation (well at least the good kinda love) and dating is a battlefield. But with your heart on your sleeve and your dating game on fleek -how is that you gain a bevy of experiences without breaking one too many hearts on the way? Well for starters, don’t be afraid to break some hearts. That is just a part of growing up. Your heart will break and you will break some, it is just how everything happens. Instead what you should concentrate on is delivering and embracing bad news in a mature and amicable way. Now with this cautionary summon out of the way, let’s talk about why dating new people is just a smidgen better than dating one person in your most formative years.

If you are really lucky in life, you will meet your soulmate really early and you will stick to your gut and guns and eventually end up with them. But at the same time, don’t we sell ourselves short on how we will evolve as human beings and how that will affect our choice in the partner? Again, if we are lucky we will find someone who evolves with us and grows up with us. But in most cases we limit ourselves to someone who is a mere variant of how we were in the past. Dating more people helps you curb that need for familiarity. We seek higher education, newer cities, better jobs, closer friends, so why don’t we address the matters of our hearts with the same generosity? Why is it that we settle for comfort and convenience to a point where we don’t want to take risks and challenge ourselves in an intimate and vulnerable setting? Our lives are a culmination and a chronicle of anecdotes; at the very fag end of anything whether it is as big as our longevity or as small as our day, do we not look back and marvel at all the little experiences and anecdotes we gather? When love will creep up on you there will be nowhere to go and nowhere to hide, but until then don’t close yourself in so much that you compromise and later regret.

Your early 20s are your most formidable years; they are the bastion of the most potent evolution you are to witness. You are at the threshold of adulthood and at the precipice of experiments and personal ingenuity. You read more, you talk to more people, you become more aware, the circle you begin to hobnob with, everything goes through a roller-coaster. You become more curious, you seek more out of life, and you become more impetuous, while these make for a heady cocktail together, individually these qualities help you know yourself better and form likes and dislikes that are informed. All of these attributes obviously work towards you becoming more conscientious of who you become and who you see as someone close to you. Take out the time, understand your needs, your ambitions, and your ideas better. Talk to a variety of people with a variety of thoughts and principles so you can learn a bit more, don’t settle in a zone of repetition so soon. Give yourself the space to grow whether in a relationship or not, and appreciate that opportunity.

So just as you want to learn newer and better things as you grow older, date more people while you can because it is all a learning experience before you are ready to hold onto that someone really special who complements you on all levels.


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