5 Mobiles Games That Will Definitely Make Your Train Ride More Interesting

We’ve all been stuck in traffic or a metro with nothing to do. Well, fear not, as we here at Goodtimes have come up with some of the coolest and best mobile games you can play while on the move. Also, these mobile games will definitely work offline, so you never have to worry about getting disconnected from the fun.

So, get those fingers ready as we’re about head out to play some awesome mobile games.

Risky Rescue

This is an insanely irritating yet fun mobile game where you have to rescue civilians stuck on different pavements using a chopper.  You have 20 plus options of different helicopters that you can unlock and add more fun to your experience. The controls feel just right and it definitely is a looker.

You can download it here


Jetpack Joy Ride

You might have heard of this mobile game before as Jetpack Joy Ride has been in the gaming scene for quite some time now. The game has gotten so famous that now movies are promoted and celebrated using the mobile game. The developers of the game keep adding more features in it which in turn refreshes the appeal of the game. You’ll never be bored again with Jetpack Joy Ride.

You can download it here


Doodle Jump

A cool mobile game with slick, cartoon art style, Doodle Jump is not necessarily a smart game but it is insanely fun! You can shut your brain off for a bit and just lose yourself in the game. The multiplayer modes are also fun and rather competitive, so you might just want to hold off on that if you’re just looking for a good time.

You can download it here


Word Cookies

Here is one mobile game which requires your undivided attention while you play it. Word Cookies is essentially digital scrabble. The game will help you expand your vocabulary while keeping you engaged with gameplay and a cool art style.

You can download it here 


Alto’s Adventure

This is an incredibly detailed and beautiful game that will take you on an adventure you won’t soon forget. It’s got an unforgettable art style and cool characters that add so much more to the game. It is clear that the people who developed this game loved what they were working on and it shows.

You can download it here


Special Mentions:

Temple Run 

Whenever mobile gaming is mentioned you will hear the name Temple Run. A game that brought mobile gaming to mainstream media needs to have some recognition, after all. It’s been 6 years since Temple Run was introduced on the Apple Store followed by Android and it’s been going strong ever since.There have been various spin offs for the game but the original still remains the best.

You can download it here


Angry Birds

There is now an Angry Birds for Star Wars, one for the Transformers, among many more. But let’s not forget the game that introduced these cute yet lethal creatures to the world . Angry Birds was the game that truly revolutionized mobile gaming. They even have a movie out! Isn’t that crazy?

You can download it here

So, what games do you guys like to play when you’re travelling to and from work? Let us know in the comments below.

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