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5 User Friendly Editing Applications On Your Smartphone For Professional Looking Pictures

With the increasing trend of social media invading our lives, shutterbugs have all but taken over various platforms. People are posting their own pictures left, right and centre. But, the problem that always arises is in editing said photographs. Editing pictures becomes difficult for anyone who doesn’t know the technicality of using professional software and it is also a time consuming process. There are a ton of different software like Adobe Photoshop and Aftereffects which add effects and such to make your pictures better looking but the catch is that you actually have to sit down and learn these various tools. Also, they are supported only by a few devices. In this fast paced environment, an instant solution to this issue is to use smart phone friendly applications, which are as good as professional software. Not only these are easy to use but they are cost free and time saving as well. Check them out below.

1. Snapseed

Compatible devices- Android and iOS

From bloggers to professional photographers, Snapseed is the application that can’t be avoided. You can do everything to brush up your pictures without ever losing quality. Snapseed has multiple options to saturate, highlight and sharpen the image. You can fully transform your image by using these tools. Moreover, its features are so easy to use that any person can understand the editing process in one go. Snapseed stands on top when it comes to professional editing without any hassle.


Compatible devices- Android and iOS

VSCO is another very popular editing application for photographers. Apart from editing VSCO is used for by different communities of photographers to connect and get to know more about each other’s work. It has everything you’ll ever need to transform a picture just like Adobe Photoshop. Also, there is a built in camera in VSCO which take quality pictures with filters which add another layer of cool to your snaps.

3. Prisma

Compatible devices- Android and iOS

Prisma edits pictures like any other application does but what make this application different is its high quality filters. These are not regular black and white or vignette filters, as this application uses modern art filters which make your image stand out from the rest. Prisma also allows you to change the aesthetics of the image which is an added advantage.

4. Canva

Compatible devices- Android and iOS

Canva is a must have application if you want to create graphically interesting images. It has tons of templates and presets which adds a  symmetric look to your images and it is very easy to use. In Canva, you can edit images and create your own free graphic template. This application works great if you want to create a blog or a webpage.


Compatible devices- Android and iOS

Pixlr offers a plethora of options for you to edit your pictures. Not only does it retouch the image but it also keeps the quality of the image exactly the same. It has a simplified set of editing tools which are simple but effective. If you want to give your image a simple yet powerful edit, Plixr is the best option available out there.








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