8 Amazing Gadgets To Add To Your Wish List ln 2020 

2020 is right around the corner – it may be underway already – and with the start of a new decade is the anticipation of a promising new line of products. We’ve compiled a list of the 8 devices that can be an instant-add to your wish-list and could be perfect for you, or even as a gift for someone close to you.

1) Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

If you’re planning to buy a flagship to be by your side for the next few years, the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G may very well be the flagship for you. It features lightning-fast 5G network compatibility as its crowning feature, however it has many more appealing aspects to it. With a 6.7 Inch AMOLED Infinity-O Display, featuring a pinhole-esque camera, you are guaranteed a more than satisfying viewing experience. With 4 rear cameras and 2 front ones, including telephoto, wide and ultrawide lenses, the S10 camera experience is more than promising. Finally, with a 4500mAh battery and Super Fast Charging, battery life won’t be an issue for the absolute power users. What we’re trying to say is, the S10 5G is looking to be one of the most promising smartphones of early 2020.

2) Microsoft Surface Neo

A dual screen device like none other, the Microsoft Surface Neo has two 9 inch screens, a 360 degree swivel, and even a keyboard. It’s a fluid mixture of a tablet, a dual screen phone that is accompanied by a laptop experience. Amongst its promising features is a speedy face unlock, custom UI (enabling a very user friendly experience) and a form factor that’s the perfect size – not too big (cough cough iPad pro) and not too small. Promising a one of a kind user experience, the surface neo is a much anticipated device, and is to be released by the Holiday season of 2020. It’s price is still unconfirmed. Watch it’s hyped up release video here.

3) PlayStation 5

The PS4 v/s XBox One debate is an unwinnable one The battle between PS4 and XBox One users is an unending one, but one console that both will certainly be able to get behind is the PlayStation 5. While still in the rumour phase, the console is said to be released in 2020. It will be the first console with gameplay at 120 frames per second, 8k graphics, pre-installed SSD (which means loading times that are up to 18x faster), immersive 3D audio and much more. All of these features will put the Playstation in direct competition with PCs, surpassing almost all gaming laptops entirely. We can expect many PC gamers to shift over to console on the release of the PS5. It is to keep in mind, however, that with all of these high end features, the price of the PS5 is still not public knowledge.

4) Google Stadia

Have you ever wanted to play a game but didn’t have a gaming rig powerful enough to run the game at higher than a measly 30fps? Wanted to test out that PS4 exclusive but didn’t own a PS4? Well, Google’s new cloud based streaming service Stadia is here to solve all of those problems. Stadia is a $130 one time purchase (plus a monthly fee starting at $10 a month) which enables you to stream video games up to 4K at 60fps. That means no matter how weak your computer is, you can play any game on it as long as you’ve paid the fee and have a stable internet connection. The days of buying bulky PCs or purchasing gaming consoles are now behind us. Stadia is to be released in India around late 2020 or early 2021.

5)Motorola Razr V4

Is the Samsung fold too big for you? Is the hinge too worrisome? Well, the OG daddy of phones has done it right with the Motorola Razr V4. The Razr V4 is a throwback to the original Motorola Razr, one of the (if not the) most iconic flip phones to exist. The Razr is a foldable smartphone which can actually fit into your pocket like a small wallet and unfold into a 6.2 inch smartphone. It’s a dual screen device and is not too far behind flagships in terms of specs. It’s appeal is in the small form factor it has once folded, along with the nostalgia of owning one of those old flip phones. The satisfaction of flipping it shut after a frustrating call with that satisfying clack is pretty up there on the list, too. The Razr is set to release in the first quarter of 2020 with a price tag upward of US$1500 (Rs.1,08,000)

6) Xbox Series X

If you’re a diehard XBox fanboy unwilling to shift over to the PS5, Microsoft has you covered. The Xbox Series X was announced mid-december 2019 and is set to release in the Holidays of 2020. Like the PS4, it is capable of running games at 120fps. There are rumours of 8k gameplay as well. An SSD is confirmed as well, as well as the promise of it being twice as fast as the Xbox One X, which is a beast in itself. The one edge that it has over the PS5 (not really) is that the official announcement is here already and we have official images.

7) LG Signature OLED TV R9

Abracadabra, and with a flick of the wand, oh sorry! And with a flick of the remote, a TV appeared! While other companies are busy fixing the resolution of their already Ultra HD TV’s, LG went out of the box and released a rollable TV. The LG Signature R9 is a state of the art OLED TV with next-generation Alpha a9 processors that allow for deep learning picture quality and an ambient light detection feature that can actually adjust the PQ curve of a TV depending on the ambient brightness in the room. The TV is set to be released in 2020 and the price point has still not been confirmed.

8) TruSens Z-3000 Air Purifier

Whether the cliche “New year new me” quote applies to you or not, one thing’s for sure – the unimaginably bad levels of pollution in Delhi are not getting better any time soon. With the AQI crossing hazardous levels (quite literally), there is a definitive need for air purifiers in our homes, and the TruSens Z-3000 could be the perfect match for you.The Z-3000’s award-winning design comes with a seperate sensor pod so that every inch of your room has clean, breathable air. The UV Light Sterilization kills bacteria, germs, odour, and allergens in your home. Along with that, the 360 degree DuPont HEPA filter captures pollutants and VOC gases/odours from all directions. Priced at Rs. 23,999, if air purity is a priority for you (as it should be), this purifier is a must-buy for you!


This article has been contributed by Kabeer Singh & Laieh Jwella of Sardar Patel Vidyalaya, New Delhi. 

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