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8 Reasons Why You Should Always Choose An Android Device Over An iPhone

Look, this is an argument that is not going to end anytime soon. Some people prefer Android and some prefer iOS. But just like everything in the world, these two operating systems are quite different to each other and function differently as well. Here in this article, we will take a deeper look at why Android as an operating system just plain beats iOS. Read on for 8 reasons why.

1.Better, More Intuitive OS

A lot of people seem to like iOS as an operating system but in all honesty, the UI is cumbersome and the design of the entire thing is rather banal. Android on the other hand is a vibrant and intuitive operating system that caters to the needs of all. In all my years of working on smartphones, I have found that Android is far superior to iOS when it comes to ease of use and design.

2.Highly customizable

This goes without saying that since Android is open source, the OS is highly customizable. You can change every little thing that your heart desires. What to change the home screen? Sure, go right ahead. What to change your launcher? There are dozens of cool launchers out there. iOS, on the other hand, is as fixed and rigid as they come. You either bend down to how Apple wants you to function or just buy an Android phone. You’ll be much happier.

3.Comes in all shapes and fits all sizes

The fact that there are a ton of companies that run their devices on Android should clue us in on this point. Android fits all shapes and sizes and iOS simply doesn’t. The OS is so robust and flexible that almost all cellphone manufacturers will use Android as their main operating system. Yes, there are security issues but unless you’re Jack Reacher, you have nothing to worry about.

4.Quick regular updates on almost all devices

Google is OG when it comes to updates. They take it seriously and because of that philosophy, Android phones usually get their updates faster and quicker than most iOS devices. Plus, these updates actually matter both on a superficial and mechanical level. Apple on the other hand just doesn’t really have it in them to compete with Google when it comes to quick and easy updates.

5.Apple throttles the speed of older phones

This is a bit of a controversial topic, but it is true. Apple throttles the performance of their older phones because they hate the fact that you have control. They want to regulate every aspect of your experience. They have a feeble excuse pertaining to weaker batteries not being able to handle newer updates, but we all know that’s corporate speak for ‘Buy our new phone or we will throttle your old one’.

6.Price to performance ration

iPhones are not worth the money you’ll spend on them. Period. Do you really want to be spending a lakh on a cellphone that isn’t even up to the mark when it comes to tech? Yeah, we didn’t think so. Android phones are cheap and function at blazing speeds. The fact that the OS is so flexible means that even in the worst, budget devices, Android will still do its job. The same can’t be said about iOS.

7.Siri vs Google Assistant

Compared to Google Assistant, Siri functions like a lower primate. It is slow, unintuitive and just doesn’t work. Yeah sure, Siri was all the rage a few years ago, but like every other product that Apple releases, it’s old tech that has no place in the modern world. Clearly, marketing a sub-standard products works! Who knew? Google Assistant, on the other hand, is an AI whiz. You can literally ask it to control your smart house if you wanted to.

8.Android One

Android One essentially crushes iOS when it comes to lower range phones and the like. An operating system that makes the most of even low specifications, Android One gives users who have never touched a smartphone in their lives a cheaper and affordable option. You can’t even afford the cheapest Apple product; forget about buying their exorbitant phones.


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