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Acoosta Uno High Fidelity Speakers Review: Portable, Loud And Full Of Fun

With a ton of portable speakers hitting the market, what makes the Acoosta Uno special? What makes it stand out from the crowd? Well, you can actually plug in a fully-fledged mike and belt out your favourite tunes for an impromptu karaoke session, for one! It truly comes in quite handy when you’re out for a family picnic or just feel the need to sing out loud. The Acoosta Uno also comes pre-loaded with around 14,000 songs for your listening pleasure. Partnering with Sony DADC, the Uno is an awesome jukebox as well. Ranging from religious/devotional songs and Bollywood hits to a number of rocking tunes from bands like Pink Floyd and Coldplay, the Uno is jam-packed with your favorite tunes for you to shake a leg to.

Fitted with 2000W PMPO speakers, the Acoosta Uno is a booming little beast in a sleek package. It also comes with Bluetooth, AUX in, USB connectivity, FM Radio, USB Recording, and a Remote Control. All the information is displayed on a cool LCD screen as well.

We used the Acoosta Uno for about a week before we all came to the consensus that the portable speaker is incredibly affordable and easy to use as well. The acoustics of the Uno are definitely one of the speaker’s high points. Even at high volumes, the sound never distorted or warped once. The audio was always crystal clear and for a speaker that costs around 12,000 INR, the Acoosta Uno is definitely a steal. An extensive treble range, smooth mid-range and a thumping bass are exactly what you’ll need to power up a house party and the Acoosta Uno is perfectly suited to that environment.

We also took the Acoosta Uno to the gym and tested out its performance in a large, enclosed environment. The Uno passed the test with flying colors as it was able to fill out the entire basement. We didn’t try out the karaoke feature at the gym, though!

As far as longevity goes, the Uno lasts up to 5 hours on one charge, making it highly portable. You can also access 6 preset FM stations, but for us, we just connected our phones via Bluetooth and let it rip.

If you’re looking for a compact set of portable speakers, you can’t go wrong with the Acoosta Uno ABT-2000PKW/21. It is affordable, has good audio output and is ideal for parties, picnics and more. It also makes for an excellent gift to older citizens with its pre-loaded tunes and ease of use.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5  

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