Someone Just Paid Over 4 Crores INR For Michael Jordan’s Old Shoes

People pay a ridiculous amount for memorabilia, no really, some wait for lucky draws and raffles, others just cultivate assets enough to one day spend absolutely bizarre amounts on old shoes, sweaty shoes, worn-in shoes that have been in the soiled feet of a professional athlete. Yep.

Basketball legend Michael Jordan’s fabled Air Jordan 1S have been auctioned off, for a staggering $560,000! The autographed shoes were designed for the basketball player and are the first-ever signature sneakers.

Michael Jordan was also famous for wearing mismatched pairs, one in a size 13 (left) and one in size 13.5 (right). The auction coincided with the 35th anniversary of the Air Jordan brand and the screening of the 10-part ESPN documentary The Last Dance about the Chicago Bulls and Jordan.

As per The Guardian, the shoes were sold by collector Jordan Geller, the founder of the sneaker museum Shoezeum in Las Vegas.



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