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These 5 Apps Will Make Your Life Easier

Most of us often wonder where did all the time go. It seems like time just whizzed past. No matter who we are, we never have enough of it. Time is limited and what’s worse is that it’s constantly running on empty. You neither stop using it nor find more of it, but you also need to do absolutely everything.

However, none can dispute the countless benefits technology has brought us. It allowed us to things that were once unimaginable – connect, perform, improve and leverage our resources. And you’re definitely missing a trick if you have not taken advantage of one of the hundred time management applications that are out there. But we understand it’s obviously a bit confusing to know which ones to use. Don’t you worry about it as we are here to declutter your confusion with the 5 best time management apps in India.

Let’s dive straight into the list without wasting any time.

#1 To-do list, Calendar, Reminders & Planner

The main aim of is to keep your life under control while getting your work done on time. With its variation of to-do-list, calendar, reminders and daily planner, you can complete more tasks in one platform. What’s best about this app is that it syncs all your devices – mobile, laptop, web and get a reminder for the task you saved. Wait! It doesn’t end here as this app also supports voice entry to save the task. Share your lists with family members and colleagues, assign task to each other and chat as well with just one click. Isn’t it awesome?

#2 Splend Apps: To Do List

Splend Apps To Do List is that management app that will ensure you complete your task on time. It also allows you to add your task via voice in case you’re too lazy. This app will constantly remind you of your tasks by popping notifications using sounds, vibrations and built-in speech. To Do List’ smart home widgets will show you instantly what to do. And by the way it will amaze you to know that the app has bidirectional synchronization with Google Tasks. You need to download it right away.

#3 Todoist: To-Do Lists for Task Management and Errands

This app is rightly built for the modern life. Be it collaborating with your team or keeping track of your most important projects or just remembering to pay the rent, Todoist is the perfect time management app you should turn to. And guess what? You wouldn’t believe that this app also works in the offline mode which means you can add, complete or reschedule any task via any medium from any corner of the world.

#4 TimeTune – Optimize Your Time

Want an organized way to perform task on time? TimeTune is your go to app. This app has a good time distribution formula which helps you perform plenty of things in a single day. TimeTune also offers you a variety of choices – task reminder, student calendar, timetable planner, routine schedule organizer, productivity habit tool, daily time manager and daily planner. And this app has put in some serious thoughts about your time management as its routine statistics analyze and improve your time distribution in order to make you run on schedule every single day.

#5 Fabulous: Motivate Me! Meditate, Relax, Sleep

Okay! Now this is an app we all want. It not only keeps you running on time but also ensures that you increase your energy, feel vibrant health, lose weight (aren’t you sold?) and sleep better. With Fabulous, you just embark on a journey of all around well-being. Further, if you struggle every morning to leave your bed but desperately want to build an indestructible morning routine, this is your go-to app. Wait! This app still has more surprises in store. Its acts as your free personal trainer that’ll keep you organized, will motivate you during tough, depressing times and will also help you fall asleep in case you can’t sleep.




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