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Are QR Codes Acting As Medicines?

In a study by scientists and researchers at the University of Copenhagen in association with some colleagues from the Abo Akademi University in Finland, an interesting technological innovation has come to being. One that holds the potential to change medical science drastically for future patrons. And if you read the title of this piece well, you can assume what we are hinting towards.

The existence of QR codes has really made its presence felt in one too numerous ways, from financial transactions to communication devices, and now it is seemingly found a way to enter the elusive world of medicine. How you ask? Well the researchers have developed a new method! They print medical drugs in QR coded patterns onto an edible material! This production can be tailored better to suit each individual’s vitals and guard them against wrong and fake medicine! Apparently, the shape of this QR codes for healthcare store the data in the drug where a scan can enable the patron to get all relevant pharmaceutical information!

QR Codes Act As Medicines

We can’t really wrap around our heads as to the implication of this, but if it helps streamline medicine and help patients be secured in their recovery, why not?!

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