Artificial Intelligence Can Now Predict Your Death

Another day, and another proof that Artificial Intelligence is actually the progenitor in the world of technology. It giveth and taketh with both hands, or well, with all algorithms. And now we have it speculated that AI can actually predict premature death and help limit the risk for the same!

The good folks at the University of Nottingham have tried to do the inevitable, which is to use the magic of algorithms and predict when you will die! Say what?! The team of scientists and medical professionals have tested a system where algorithms can predict early death due to chronic diseases. The preemptive and preventative measure is touted to be super useful in understanding high-risk diseases that plague the population. The computerisation helps with the accuracy in predicting the same.

Not only will humans know what ailment can potentially lead to being fatal, but the accuracy with which this is appropriated can also be a reason enough for upping healthcare and medical facilities. AI could play an important role in developing specific and personalised healthcare routines for individual patients after reflecting on their medical history. Imagine if you knew what could possibly harm you and you are able to take prevention against that in a timely fashion? It is actually taking your life in your own hands, but in a positive way.

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