17 Year Old Who Made A COVID 19 Tracker In January Awarded The Webby Award For Best Internet Content

Back in January 2020, a 17-year-old boy from Washington, America built a website, called nCoV2019.live to spread information about the novel coronavirus which causes COVID19. The website saw over 600 million people visiting it, and this was only up till April. The young boy, Avi Schiffmann, began teaching himself how to code when he was seven years old, mostly by watching YouTube videos.

Now Schiffmann’s efforts towards proper information regarding the highly contagious, and fatal coronavirus has gotten recognised at The Webby Awards, which award people on the basis of internet content. Schiffmann received the “Person of the Year” award.

The remote ceremony that took place saw a roster of powerful and influential people participate in it, including guest appearances from Michelle Obama, Kristen Bell, Tom Hanks, Demi Lovato, Anthony Fauci.

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