‘Cut, Copy & Paste’ Founder, Larry Tesler, Passes Away At 74!

Larry Tesler, a computer scientist who is most well-known for creating the computer concepts cut, copy, and paste, died on Monday at age 74.

It was thanks to his innovations – which included the “cut”, “copy” and “paste” commands – that most of us were able to bear those long assignments in school and that computer was made easy. 

The death was announced on Twitter on Wednesday by Xerox, where he spent part of his career. “The inventor of cut/copy & paste, find & replace, and more was former Xerox researcher Larry Tesler,” the company said. “Your workday is easier thanks to his revolutionary ideas. Larry passed away Monday, so please join us in celebrating him.”

The cut and paste command was reportedly inspired by old-fashioned editing that involved actually cutting portions of printed text and sticking them elsewhere with adhesive.

“Tesler created the idea of ‘cut, copy, & paste’ and combined computer science training with a counterculture vision that computers should be for everyone,” the Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley tweeted on Wednesday.

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