Facebook To Change Names Of Instagram & WhatsApp

Facebook has long allowed Instagram and WhatsApp to operate independently. However, social media giant, Facebook has now confirmed that it’s going to change the name of two of its most popular apps, Instagram and Whatsapp. 

The companies had their own CEOs, their own apps and websites, their own office buildings and email addresses. On Friday, Facebook put its stamp.“We want to be clearer about the products and services that are part of Facebook,” a spokesperson told The Information.

In no time, Instagram will be known as “Instagram from Facebook” while WhatsApp will be known as “WhatsApp from Facebook.” This move of massive rebranding has come after CEO Mark Zuckerberg expressed his discontent that Facebook does not get enough credit for both apps’ success. Earlier this year, he said that he would merge their messaging platforms into an encrypted version of Facebook Messenger. Mark has also pushed out both companies’ founders and installed Facebook executives.


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