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Hyundai Just Unveiled A Walking Car At CES 2019 And Blew Everyone’s Minds

The progress in auto technology has stayed rather stable in the past few decades. Of course, we’ve seen the advent of the electric car and that has launched a small revolution of sorts, but the design of the automobile hasn’t been changed in a very long time. Enter Hyundai at CES 2019 to blow our collective socks off. The Korean automobile giant just unveiled a walking car at the Las Vegas showcase and even though it’s still in its concept stages, we can’t help but be impressed at the level of innovation shown here.

Dubbed The Elevate, the vehicle comes equipped with four robotic legs that can actually be extended to form ‘legs’. So technically, the car can actually walk over rough terrain and other surfaces that normal wheels cannot access. In a recent press release, Hyundai stated that the vehicle would be used as a first-responder automobile in case of an emergency. The Elevate can drive or walk to the concerned area and safely extract injured parties. It can walk over flooded areas and debris as well. One could say that it could be the ambulance of the future.

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In addition to medical emergencies, the vehicle can also be used as a passenger pick up for disabled people. The Elevate will drive to the scene and level itself right to the person’s front door without the need for a ramp. The possibilities are endless.

Think about the future uses of this vehicle! You can literally walk over traffic if you wanted to. And the fact that technology is progressing at an alarming rate just means that in the coming years we’re going to see a ton of these ‘walking cars’ in the market.

What do you think about Hyundai’s latest walking car concept and would you buy one if it actually came out?

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