ICC Suspends Zimbabwe From All International Cricket Events

News broke out on July 18 when the International Cricket Council (ICC) suspended the Zimbabwe Cricket Team from competing in ICC events. The reason for this decision taken by the ICC is due to a political interference by the Zimbabwe government. ICC has clearly stated that they will not entertain such behaviours and would like to run their operations without any government interference.

ICC chairman Shashank Manohar addressed the public with the following statements, “We must keep our sport free from political interference. What has happened in Zimbabwe is a serious breach of the ICC constitution and we cannot allow it to continue unchecked.”

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The decision for this punishment by the ICC is to be blamed on the Zimbabwean government after the Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) of Zimbabwe suspended the Zimbabwe Cricket Board and replaced with an interim committee of their own. The government of Zimbabwe stated that this step was taken because of the high levels of corruption that are present in the Zimbabwe Cricket Board.

The decision was taken at the ICC annual conference in London and ICC stated that the council will review its decision at a board meeting in October.


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