A Love Letter To The Very Humble But Perfect iPod

I remember my first iPod – it was much after my American peers got it and it wasn’t the classic, or the nano, it was the very swanky iPod touch. I got it dab smack in the middle of my intense thesis writing for my undergraduate degree, and nothing could allude to my anxiety and focus more than burning the midnight oil, plugged in to the gadget, bobbing my head up and down. It changed they way I observed technology; I was always fascinated by portable music machines because every moment I lived was annotated by a perfect song. I could immerse myself in the music for hours on end, and these devices gave me an experience that was warm and familiar.

But, what made the iPod all the more special was that it was a journey and an experience together. It was interactive enough to give you a taste of a smart-phone, but had the constraints of it not completely having you waylaid or distracted. Which brings me to my next point – coinciding with everyone’s questions about why I need a separate device for my music – well, for me the answer has always been pretty simple. In an increasingly tech based daily lives that we lead, to enjoy something completely without adding the barrage of notifications and conversations is a privilege we underestimate. Every experience close to you should be enjoyed in it’s isolated beauty.

But what makes the iPod very special? Aside from the sleek lean mod vibe? It’s the lightness, its the idea of making something fancy but not frivolous, of making a device for music but giving the user a bevy of options to source that music from. The very first time I got my iPod (2011), it stayed with me till now until the new generation one came, even more sleek even more mod. But regardless of the facade that it had, for me iPod was that little foyer of happiness that lets me enjoy a few moments of peace, playing music, nestled swiftly in the palm of my hand, or in my pocket as I know that nothing will interrupt this – not an alert, not a call, not a message. In some ways, it is almost like a newspaper or a radio – if you let it, it will be quaint in its dispensation of media and let you consume and absorb everything without forcing you to multitask!

So, Dear iPod, I can’t thank you enough for accompanying me on metro rides as I poignantly look outside, or on my walks and runs alone as I need a push in the adrenaline, or during road-trips when I need specific playlists and you are always there – to remind me that indeed there is one song for every mood that I may have, good – bad – angry. 


Ipod GIF by RCA Records UK

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