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It’s 2019, So Let’s Shed A Tear For The 3.5mm Headphone Jack

There are a ton of different headphones and earphones available in market and it becomes very difficult for consumers to choose from a plethora of gadgets. But around 35 years ago, the 3.5mm jack was the pinnacle of audio connectivity.  Every smartphone had a socket to plug in any other device and the jack that was used to plug in earphones was the 3.5mm and up until 2107, it was still used by every smartphone company out there.

As technology evolves, many smartphone companies are discarding the 3.5mm tech and choosing others options to connect devices. 3.5 mm is the diameter where you plug in your headphones and this tech really took hold in 1979 when Sony first launched their Walkman player. This technology survived changing trends for 3 decades and is considered to be one of the best tech for connecting audio devices. But, as technology moves forward at an unstoppable pace, the 3.5mm jack is unceremoniously being left in the dust. Let’s find out exactly why smartphone companies are saying goodbye to the 3.5mm jack.

  1. Sleek And Stylish

There is an ongoing race among smartphone companies to make stylish and thinner smartphones, which somehow is the first reason to discard 3.5mm technology. Smartphones are becoming sleeker day by day and to get the thinnest body, it’s necessary to remove the wide wire diameter technology as the 3.5mm jack increases the width of the mobile phone.


  1. USB C Cable Technology

The USB C cable is one of the most efficient connectors ever invented.  Through this technology, data can be transferred from one device to another using much faster speeds. It is also not confined to mic technology that the 3.55mm jack possesses. Comparatively, it is thinner than any other cable technology and its transmission of the audio output is also commendable. But, the issue that always rises in the USB C cable is that, the charging port and headphones can’t be connected at the same time. You can either charge your phone or you can connect your earphones, which is a serious drawback.

  1. Wireless Technology

Apple is a major player when it comes to the experimentation of any new technology in the market. And with the advent of the latest iPhone, they completely ditched the 3.5mm jack and introduced their very own wireless earphones called the Air Pods. In terms of looks, the iPhone is always considered to be a designers dream and Air Pod technology not only gives the phone a stylish look but the sound and audio is better than any other wireless tech out there.

  1. Competitive Market

The tech industry is the fastest growing industry in the world and to maintain the market value and stay on top, innovations need to be made. Companies are increasing their standards, essentially levelling up to meet the expectations of the consumer. After Apple launched the Air pods, Google Pixel also saw the writing on the wall and also ditched the 3.5mm jack. Clearly, 2019 is the year that the headphone jack truly dies.

Well, the fact is that 3.5mm technology lasted over 50 years, which is absolutely insane in the tech world!  But, with the advent of new and more futuristic technology, we




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