Karan Patel Is The First Indian To Qualify In Major League Baseball

Baseball might not be popular in India, but in the USA, it’s a people favourite. And there is finally an Indian representative in the game as Karan Patel becomes the first Indian-origin player to make it to the US Major League Baseball (MLB).  

However, no matter how much American Karan Patel gets, he still thinks his skills in cricket- a sport played in every Indian street have something to do with his feat. An Indian American, Karan had discovered very early in his life that he had a natural ability to play both cricket and baseball. His tryst with baseball began at the age of four while cricket was something he grew up with; all thanks to his father who actively played cricket in the US. Karan Patel was even selected to play in the USA Under-19 cricket team thrice. And now, Patel is picked in the seventh round of the Major League Baseball draft by the Chicago White Sox, becoming the first Indian-origin player to be a part of MLB.

Back in 2018, two Indian Rinku Singh and Dinesh Patel were also chosen to train in the USA under the tutelage of MLB teams. Neither made a significant mark in baseball, however, their story inspired the Hollywood movie Million Dollar Arm.




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