Varanasi Man Develops A Lipstick Gun That Will Send An Alert To Police During Distress

Women safety is an issue that concerns the entire world, in different avatars and perspectives perhaps – but it is a something that plagues everyone universally. For an aspiring scientist from Varanasi, however, this has led to an invention. Shyam Chaurasia has created a “lipstick gun” that not triggers off a loud sound, but also sends out a distress signal to the police.

“If a woman is caught in an uncomfortable situation, she can simply press the button fitted in the socket. This will trigger a loud explosion like sound and also send a message to 112. It is easy to carry and since it is fitted to the normal lipstick, it will not raise any doubts”, Chaurasia said.

The lipstick gun is chargeable and is connected to the mobile phone through bluetooth, and costs about Rs. 600. He is planning to get a patent for the device.

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