A Bengaluru Student Has Made A Map Identifying The City’s Rape Zones

The number of rape cases, unfortunately, hasn’t come down a bit in our country. While some cases get public attention and create a storm for a while, others are simply reported. In fact, many incidents are not even acknowledged. But now, a one-of-a-kind map has come up now in Bengaluru which identifies sexual harassment zones in the city.

Helmed by Nupur Patny, a fourth year student of Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, the map was made by asking women to paste post-it notes on the map of Bengaluru. This way Nupur Patny began collecting data on what women faced in different areas of Bengaluru. The project, named It’s Not My Fault aims to facilitate post-incidental support to the sexual harassment victims on a digital platform.

Nupur Patny’s plans doesn’t stop here as the student is aiming to next develop an augmented reality-based heat map to mark out sexual harassment-prone areas in Bengaluru. Her data includes offences ranging from women being inappropriately touched, groped, stared at and tickled to being a victim to inappropriate gestures or sexual advances in public transit and other crowded places, and photographed without permission. Nupur Patny claims that these maps will be very soon available on smartphones as an application.


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