Microsoft, Google And Facebook Are Concentrating On A 10-Year-Old. Here’s Why

Kids are curious minds; their queries and hunts for the truth are endless. They have an indomitable urge to seek all answers they sometimes don’t even have questions to. And they make sure to reach the finish line always.

The recent to join the bandwagon of these little achievers is 10-year-old Indian Samaira Mehta. This genius mind surely looks like any other kid of her age, but she in fact is the CEO and founder of CoderBunnyz, a board game that teaches basic coding concepts to children as young as four. Samaira was only 6 or 7 years old, when she first started conceptualising the game. After sketching the game’s design with her father’s help, she got in touch with graphic designers and game manufacturers from China and New Zealand.

After that, there was no looking back for Samaira. Her game is a success and has sold a huge number of copies. Her work has garnered attention from big companies like Microsoft, Google and Facebook. Not only this, the 10-year-old also received a personal letter from the former First Lady of America Michelle Obama.

However, Samaira Mehta is not done as her genius mind is on a roll. The kid has gone on to invent another board game, CoderMindz. It’s a coding-based board game that teaches the basics of Artificial Intelligence using Java. AI is the talk of the town. Knowledge about it has become essential to thrive in the current market, but is something even top professionals lack. But Samaira Mehta’s game has brought all of us closer into learning it better; she’s indeed a gift to the world.



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