Mithali Raj Slams The Troll Who Questioned Her Tamil Knowledge

Social media is a hub for trolls and every other day great people become the victims of these trolls, this time it is our ace player Mithali Raj who led India to a 3-0 clean sweep victory over South Africa in the three-match One-Day International (ODI) series on Monday. A troll tried to question her knowledge of Tamil language and she had the best reply to slam her hater.

Mithali Raj has achieved great goals and is the first female player to complete 20 years in international cricket. After her victory against South Africa on Monday, Sachin Tendulkar used twitter to congratulate her to which she replied in the most humble way possible. Her tweet read, “It feels nice to be acknowledged by a person who I have looked up to all my life .. thank you champion”. To this, one of the trolls questioned her language preference by tweeting, “She doesn’t know Tamil. She will speak in English, Telugu, Hindi”. Well, to this she had the perfect response, Mithali Raj slammed her hater in Tamil by saying, “But above it all I am very proud Indian! Also my dear Sugu, you constant criticism on each and every post of mine, your day to day advice on how and what should I do is exactly what keeps me going”. She also asked the troller to calm down as she asked him to listen to  Taylor Swift’s soundtrack You need to calm down.

Well, Mithali, we all know you are a “Proud Indian” and we are proud of everything you do for the country.


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