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Oppo Steps Into The Future With Foldable Smartphones In 2019

With the future of smartphones looking to be more unpredictable year by year, there are a few trends that we can safely say will make some sort of an appearance in the future. Chief among them being the foldable screen. This feature may not be the most practical but it will probably break all the rules when it comes to smartphone design. For the entire history of the development of cellphones, we’ve always looked at a ‘one-screen’ design and have stuck by that philosophy ever since.

Looking to break that mold, Samsung has been hard at work developing a revolutionary technology that could change the way we look at communication. They are planning to release the first foldable smartphone in March of 2019. The foldable screen is still in development stage but more and more companies have started their own research into the flourishing tech.  One of them being Chinese giants, Oppo.

Reports say that Oppo might be bringing a brand-new foldable screen to the Mobile World Congress in February 2019. No specs or any other information has been released as of yet but we can assume that it could be a phone that folds outwards as per one of the patents filed by the Chinese cellphone manufacturers. As far as the future is concerned, other companies have thrown their hats into the ring as well. Huawei, Xiaomi and Lenovo have all tested and experimented with foldable devices in the past and could be looking to make a splash next year with their devices.

What do you guys think? Will foldable smartphones and devices make their mark in 2019 or is this tech that is just too ambitious for its own good? Check out the video of Samsung introducing their next-gen foldable smartphones.

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