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Women’s T20 Cricket To Be Included In The 2022 Commonwealth Games

Cricket is making a comeback to the Commonwealth Games after 21 years, but not the men’s teams. In a historic move, the International Cricket Council and Commonwealth Games Federation have announced the inclusion of women’s T20 cricket at the Birmingham

China Launches AI Platform To Locate Lost Dogs

We all know that scared-to-death feeling when our pup (or any pup) goes missing. The chances of finding him, especially in a big city are daunting to say the least. But how about a society where uploading a single photo

Walking Directions Made Easier As Google Maps’ AR Future Is Here

Google Maps is undoubtedly the coolest tool available, the pizza delivery- boy doesn’t get lost when he’s delivering our margherita, doesn’t call me 10 times to ask for directions, I’ve known nothing better. Whether you’re driving, walking, or using public transportation,