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6 Apps That Will Make You Super Fit And Healthy

Is there anything that gets done without a smartphone nowadays? Very little we guess! But as the old joke goes, as phones are getting smarter and slimmer, people are getting lazier and unhealthier. However, your slick smart phones can help

These 5 Apps Will Make Your Life Easier

Most of us often wonder where did all the time go. It seems like time just whizzed past. No matter who we are, we never have enough of it. Time is limited and what’s worse is that it’s constantly running

These Celebrity Pictures Are Reason Enough To Join The Gym

If you’ve been lazing around in your bed, procrastinating that gym membership, or even just watching it run past its expiry date – we have some good news for you! These celebrity pictures are here to give you major fitness

10 Times Roger Federer Was The Biggest Champion In Tennis

Switzerland has The Alps, the chocolates and Federer! Superlatives fail to describe this FedEx. He is poetry in motion in the tennis court. If tennis was a dance, Federer is the ballet on court. He doesn’t play tennis like God,

Sania Mirza & Shoaib Malik Blessed With A Baby Boy

#BabyMirzaMalik has arrived, and it’s a boy! Proud daddy Shoaib Malik took to his social media handles to share the good news with his followers, he also share that Sania is ‘doing great and keeping strong as usual’. View this