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India’s WC Winning Streak Ends And Twitter Duly Reacts

India’s wining streak at the ICC World Cup 2019 came to an end as England had defeated the unbeaten Indian team in Birmingham on June 30. Entering into the Edgbaston stadium, the stakes were much higher for the host country

Did You Know: This Is Why Wimbledon Follows An All-White Dress Code

Wimbledon 2019 is here, which means the grass courts, the Pimm’s cups, the strawberries and cream, the classic Rolex clock. Still, Wimbledon is incomplete without the all-white dress code. No tennis whites, no service-that’s the Wimbledon rule. In other words,

Drone Delivery Of Your Food Is Finally Possible In India!

Zomato is setting “sky-high” standards in India, quite literally. As if lazing in pyjamas and getting lasagne delivered at your doorstep from your favourite Italian place, that would otherwise take you an hour to reach wasn’t fascinating enough, your food