Here’s All That You Need To Know About The Newly Launched Samsung Galaxy Note 10

It is that time of the year again!! Samsung is out with its latest edition of the Note series. When Samsung hinted in the beginning of the year that they are going to do something really different with one of their hottest properties, there was an excitement among the smart phone community along with certain hesitations, because of the Note series history and its blasting performance (pun intended). Anyway here are 5 thing you need to know about the New Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (not X)!  

1) 2 form factors of the smart phone

Samsung has taken the Galaxy S route for the Note series as well. The phone that was introduced as a Phablet back in the day will now be coming in 2 variants. The Samsung Galaxy note 10 and Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus. The smart phones not only come in different sizes but have a different spec list as well. This is undoubtedly the biggest difference that Samsung has made in terms of the market for the phone. Considering people are not shying away from carrying bigger smart phones it’s a tried and tested category for Samsung.

The Standard note 10 is 6.3 inches while Note 10 plus is 6.8 inches.

2) Camera

Even though the Samsung Galaxy Note was focused more towards Business Professionals it did create a mass appeal for its camera as well. Over the years we have seen  smart phone cameras ranging from single lens set up to multicam. The Samsung Galaxy note 10 comes with a triple rear camera set up. All three cameras perform a different function 16 MP F2/2 Wide Angle,12 MP F1/5 with optical image stabilization  Zoom and a 12 MP F2.1 Telephoto lens.

3) Display

Both the devices have an A moled display however because of different form factors there is something new in display Department as well. The Note 10 standard has FHD plus while the Note 10 Plus has  W QHD plus display.

4) S PEN

The Samsung Galaxy Note series has some signature features in it. The most prominent of them all is the S pen. This time Samsung has made a some small but monumental changes to the Spen most notably the form factor. Its no more a boring black stick coming out of your phone its now chrome shaded and sturdy. Value for money right?

5) Pricing

We have officially entered the  1000 Dollar Smart phone market now. With more and more people not hesitating to buy a thousand dollar smartphone its no surprise that the Note 10 and the Note 10 plus is no exception. The Standard Note 10 is for $900 USD while Note 10 plus is $1100 USD, which is roughly 78,000.




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