Football Player Fixes Dislocated Knee, Plays For Another 90 Minutes

Video of a Scottish footballer surfaced online where she was fixing her dislocated knee in the middle of the game. The 26-second clip shows Jane O’Toole, the captain of St Mirren WFC falling to the ground after a collision with another player and dislocating her knee during a Scottish Cup tie against Inverness.

Interestingly, after fixing her knee, O’Toole played for  the remainder of the match without asking to be substituted. “Our captain Jane O’Toole, is made of tough stuff. Just look at how she dealt with dislocating her knee during our recent game at Inverness… you can’t put a good woman down – she got back up and played the full 90 minutes,” read the post tweeted by St Mirren WFC.

The Scottish football player was lauded by many as soon as the video went viral on different social media platforms.

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