Serena Willams Rocks Another Iconic Outfit At French Open 2019

Serena Williams has long stood as the reigning power of tennis. Naysayers will disagree but there hasn’t been a more successful tennis player in the recent times, men and women included. We have our Federers, our Nadals, our Djokovics – but to have our Serena is a privilege so many of us who love the game and also who don’t enjoy.

Williams has long made a history of coming on the court with her fiercest self, with an outfit to boast of that very sentiment. Today Serena Williams is not just an ace tennis player, she is a conscious advocate of women’s empowerment and liberty. So much so that even her outfit for the 2019 Roland Garros, designed in collaboration with Off White’s Virgil Abloh, is everything you expect the woman of all tennis moments to don. Mother, Champion, Queen, Goddess – is what the dress says in French. Nothing can describe the lady any better.

Married to Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian and mother of a young daughter Olympia Ohanian, who Williams was pregnant with during the Australian Open 2017 final, the tennis star has always been known for her fashion choices to be just as bold as the player herself.

We are so completely on board with Serena Williams’ and all her statements that embolden so many of us!!

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