Why ‘Shop’ On Instagram Is A Crucial Step For E-Commerce

Do you often lose track of time Instagramming, and saving posts of coveted goods? But then there are so many scrupulous products and sellers that you are a little wary of what to buy? Well Instagram’s new account Shop is here to literally help you shop better, and perhaps even more.

The editorial team at Instagram, including Eva Chen (ex Conde Nast) who heads fashion partnerships at the technology and social media giant, have given birth to something totally unique and exceedingly important with respect to shopping online. Not too far back, Instagram had conceptualised and given the world a ‘checkout’ option where a user can buy goods straight off from the social media application without even leaving the feed. This is like a natural successor to it.

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“My mom was my biggest influence,” says @cafune.official co-founder Queenie Fan. “Growing up, I would watch her coordinating prints and matching accessories…. It was fascinating.” As she got older, Queenie’s interest turned into a full-on obsession, with a focus on vintage Japanese streetwear and handbags. After graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design, she worked as an accessories designer in New York City. In 2015, she moved back to Hong Kong and partnered with a childhood friend, Day Lau, to launch Cafuné. “Some of our handbags are more unconventional with unique shapes. We worried that customers would find it difficult to understand.” Instead, Queenie happily reports, the unusual shapes became Cafuné’s best sellers.

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The Shop essentially curates brands that offer products spanning a wide range: beauty, fashion, home etc. The account doesn’t smother you with multiple entries but focuses on one brand per day, narrating the story behind the brand, it’s creative process, and the product. This feature is essentially what makes Shop better and more favoured than your usual brands. The focus on the background of a product also makes a sharp contrast between ethical, sustainable, and conscious brands than their fast fashion counterparts. The buyers get an inside into the authenticity and veracity of the product and the brand which could turn around their satisfaction during their shopping experience.

We surely hope that with ventures like this, better labour practices, transparency and accountability from sellers is maintained!

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