This Bandage Analyses Your Sweat & Tells You What Diseases You May Have

Ah, sweat.

What does it even do other than make us feel like the grimiest and saddest human being ever? It smells, it is sticky, it leads to chaffing and itching, and basically it is that one fluid in your body that you wish just wouldn’t plop out. But then again, if it doesn’t it is a problem too. Because our sweat is a tell-all fluid of a lot that our body is going through. If you sweat too much it is a testament, sometimes, of things brewing inside you that may hint towards a disease or an illness; similarly if you sweat very less it may be a sign that your sweat glands aren’t functioning to their optimum best, and that means your body doesn’t have a mechanism to cool itself down and that is detrimental to a healthy lifestyle!

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So clearly, sweating is important. But aside from our own internal diagnosis of what our sweat tells us, scientists have also developed a rather interesting way to identify and analyse our sweat. And it involves, a bandage! Say what? The good folks at American Chemical Society have come up with a biosenser, that is hooked to your smartphone that can let you know your sweating rate and hopefully one day alert you if your body is on an unhealthy trip!

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Just like a smart-watch, this bandage will stick to your body in a wearable pattern and quietly analyse your sweat patterns, so if nothing else it is a great conversation icebreaker! I mean smart bandages, who would have thought that?! Keeping in with that faith, the scientists ardently hope that one day this nifty biosensor can help preempt diseases! What’s a biosensor you ask? It is an analytical device that detects the presence and concentration of a biological analyte.