The Internet Is Shutting Down For Two Days, So Welcome To The Stone Age

Remember those weekends when you slept on Friday night and woke up Monday morning and had intermittent food breaks? The point is our weekends were ours to hold and behold, when we could actually rest up and not worry about a million other things. But then the internet came up and your weekends were spent in the hopes of external validations and unfulfilled gratifications. You had to take flatlays of brunch, catch up on online shopping, binge-watch shows and your weekend is basically tiresome too. EXCEPT THIS WEEKEND! Why? Because the internet is shutting down. What did we just say?

Apparently The Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers will be changing the cryptographic key (no big) that helps protect our Domain Name System, which essentially means the internet’s address book! This is a maintenance exercise to protect the registry of our domain names and IP addresses. Which in layman term means like the spring cleaning and auditing of the interweb, so everything is spic, span and smooth! So don’t worry that your operating system or data will magically disappear because it won’t, as sources suggest that the major part of this development is already done successfully!

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