Tokyo Olympics 2020 Will Honour Athletes With Medals The World Never Saw Before

The much anticipated Olympics are still a year away but host country Japan is already treating us to surprises. And this time, it’s none other than with the Olympic medals that Japan is set to make one of the biggest records on sustainability front.

Any guess how? Well, the world’s best athletes will be honoured with medals made from recycled electronic waste, including discarded smartphones, digital cameras, laptops and other handheld games. Not only will the Olympics, the champions of the Paralympics be given the same honour as well.


If you remember, we witnessed something similar in the Rio Olympics back in 2016. But the land of the rising sun has to be a step ahead of everyone. And Tokyo 2020 is the first of its kind to involve citizens in the collection these consumer electronics. Japan has already been collecting these wastage since April 2017 and they’ll only collect them until March 31st, 2019. After all, it’s the Olympics and making the medals obviously demands and deserves time and dedication.


By the way, can you guess how many medals will be made from these electronics? 5000! Yes, that’s right! The Tokyo Medal Project 2020 will produce approximately five thousand gold, silver and bronze medals for both the Olympics and Paralympics.


While the world is gearing up to make winning medals’ records, Japan has already made one with these medals.



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