“It’s More About The Journey Than The Destination”. Virat Kohli Writes A Note To His Younger Self

As India cricket captain Virat Kohli turned a year older on November 5, he tutored his 15-year-old self in life lessons, focusing on dreaming big and following his heart. The ace batsman tweeted, “My journey and life’s lessons explained to a 15-year old me. Well, I tried my best writing this down. Do give it a read. #NoteToSelf”.

In the note, Kohli started by wishing himself on his birthday. The cricketer said that because of not knowing the outcomes, every surprise is sweet, every challenge is thrilling and every disappointment is an opportunity to learn. He further stated that one has to be ready for each and every opportunity and not take anything for granted as it will not work.

The note read: “Hi Chiku, First of all, a very birthday! I am sure you have a lot of questions for me about your future. I am sorry but I am not going to answer too many of them. Because not knowing what is in store makes every surprise sweet, every challenge thrilling and every disappointment an opportunity to learn. You don’t realise it today but it’s more about the journey than the destination. And the journey is SUPER!”

It further added, “What I will tell you is that life has big things in store for you Virat. But you need to be ready for each and every opportunity that comes your way. Grab it when it comes. And never take what you have for granted. You will fail. Everyone does. Just promise yourself that you’ll never forget to rise. And if at first you don’t, try again. You will be loved by many and will be disliked too. By some who don’t even know you. Don’t care about them Keep believing yourself!”

In his note, Kohli also wrote about his late father and underlined the importance of loving one’s family. The note read, “I know you’re sad those shoes dad did not gift you today. They mean nothing when compared to the hug he gave you this morning or the joke he cracked about your height. Cherish this. I know he can seem strict at times. But that’s because he wants the best for you. You feel that our parents don’t understand us sometimes, but remember this- only our family loves us conditionally. Love them back, respect them and spent all the time that you can, with them. Tell Dad you love him. A lot. Tell him today. Tell him tomorrow. Tell him more often”.

The note concluded with, “Finally, just follow your heart, chase your dreams, be kind and show the world how dreaming big makes all the difference. Be you. And……. savour those parathas buddy! They’ll become quite a luxury in years to come………”.

Meanwhile, Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli celebrated his birthday in Bhutan. Taking to Instagram, Anushka has shared a series of pictures that showed Virat Kohli trekking in the mountains of Bhutan. The actress also thanked the people of Bhutan for welcoming them in their homes for tea without knowing their celebrity statuses.

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Today , during our 8.5 km uphill trek we stopped by a small village on a mountain to pet and feed a baby calf who was born just 4 months ago . While we did that the owner of the house asked us if we were tired and wanted to have a cup of tea ? So we went in to the home of this beautiful and warm family who had absolutely no idea who we were and yet they treated us with such warmth and love . We spent some time with them chatting and drinking tea and the whole time they just know us as two tired trekkers ! Whoever knows virat and me very closely, know that both of us live for such moments of genuine , simple & pure human connection . It fills us with such joy and peace knowing that they just wanted to be kind to two random foreigners ( plus our guide ) without seeking anything in return. If this is not the true meaning of life then i dont know what is . A memory we will cherish forever 🙏💜✨

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